Our Story

Chelly Granvill Cosmetics Mfg., Inc. was founded in 1993, by J.C. Granado.  Mr. Granado brings over 40 years of nail enamel manufacturing experience to the companies private labeling services provided under Chelly Granvill™.  Mr. Granado comes from Chelly Granvill Mfg., Inc.'s sister company Granvill Cosmetics Mfg. Inc. Granvill Cosmetics Mfg., Inc. was founded in 1971, by Mr. Carlos V. Granado.  Granvill Cosmetics, Inc. was the manufacturer of the Theons® Nail Enamel products line.  Granvill Cosmetics, Inc. merged in 2013, with Chelly Granvill Cosmetics Mfg., Inc. and has since been manufacturing the Theons®  nail enamel product line.  Therefore, our roots in the industry give us one of the highest foundations.

Under Chelly Granvill™ , the companys has dedicated itself to manufacturing cosmetics form other companies through private labeling with the same quality it has manufactured its own high quality products for over 40 years.  Finally, a cosmetics manufacturer who understands the concept of quality can be offered at attractive and affordable prices for the benefit of its private labeling clients.  Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality cosmetics designed and formulated with creativity, consistency, stability and durability in mind.

Chelly Granvill™ manufacturers cosmetic preparations for others with the highest quality ingredients available in the market today, they are packaged in sophisticated and attractive packaging as well as displayed on attractive display racks, their color spectrum includes all the latest fashionable colors, and they are offered at extremely competitive prices.  See what our experience in the cosmetic industry can do for your company.

The Chelly®  Nail Enamel line is the foundation of our company and a good example of high quality manufacturing we at Chelly Granvill™  aspire to achieve on a daily basis. Chelly®  has become one of the best selling nail enamels in the country as well as abroad.  Like Chelly®, the cosmetics products we manufacturer for your company will produce pearlized shades and will provide an intense shine  as well as enhanced unique visual effects.  Truly, you cannot buy better quality nail enamel at a better price.

Chelly Granvill™ has manufactured all variety of cosmetic products for others including: nail treatments, lipsticks, lip gloss, eyeliners, acrylic sculpting liquids, acrylic sculpting  powders, nail primer in addition to its own Chelly® Brazillian Keratin Treatment.  All of Chelly Granvill's™ products are formulated and manufactured with the same strict demands as  its proven, top selling nail enamel product line

At Chelly Granvill™, commitment to offering the best quality at the best price is our number one priority!

Chelly®, Theons®, and Chelly Granvill™ are protected trademarks of Chelly Granvill Cosmetics Mfg., Inc. and include federal and international trademark registrations.